Firewood - Firewood Prices Thessaloniki


In summer the demand still has not skyrocketed, which means that you can ensure about the best values ​​(the differences are not large, however, over the winter), but mostly better quality timber .The main advantage of the firewood supply during the summer months is the low moisture content of wood this time, which saves a lot of money. As seen from the relevant guide issued by the General Secretariat of the Trade Minister. Development wood used in fireplaces and stoves must not have a moisture content above 20% .The reason is that the humidity of the wood dramatically reduces the heating value, as part of the energy released during the combustion of spent in evaporation of water and therefore is not available for any desired heat holding . Noted that wood is not usually found in the dry state, but moisture may be at levels of from 15% to 60% depending on the conditions and time physics drying . So starting from September, wood regains moisture that has been in previous months, because of the wind and rain.


The logs stored covered on dry faster in the early months of winter .This advantage of the covered wood is compensated for unsecured wood during the summer months. The storage shed, especially in areas with high rainfall, it is appropriate, given that help reduce moisture recovered during the autumn season - winter. When the construction work in the repository allows good ventilation, storage of wood indoors highly recommended.


What to look for when buying firewood

  • It proposed to supply of firewood to be done in the summer or at the latest until mid-September in order to buy dry, thus saving money that would pay not for fuel, but the moisture wood have autumn.
  • There must be special care for storing firewood .The wood should be placed in a covered area and the moisture content is below 20% - which we check with hygrometer (you can buy one timber stockyards)
  • Moreover, the selection of the wood should be carefully considered. Some species produce a lot of smoke and have an unpleasant odor or << burst >>. We prefer hornbeam, oak has longer burning, and beech, which gives good flame without problems .The pine or fir quickly grab and put more flame, but we have to use mainly kindling and not for continuous use.
  • We choose only natural wood. Avoid explicitly painted and varnished wood, oil paints from the past, pieces of furniture and all kinds of plastic.
  • Avoid using chemical kindling, petroleum derivatives and other unhealthy substances, but only natural, of thin, dry twigs or torches.
  • We do not buy timber impregnated with chemicals.

Basic principles for storing firewood

  • The floor must be kept dry.
  • If possible, the air movement should be encouraged by raising the stack of firewood off the ground with wood supports (beams, away xylotemachia).
  • It is preferable to store the fuel at positions that are open to the air and sun.
  • There must be a minimum distance of 10 cm between stacks and between the stack and the wall of the storage structure.
  • For better ventilation of the storage space the outside walls of the structure must have openings (slits)
  • It is good firewood for daily use stored by end users in the combustion space (eg boiler) when it is sufficient to have warmed up before use.