The equalization of tax on heating oil and motion, brought forth seeking economic, reliable and functional solution heating. Citizens amid financial crisis are directed increasingly to seek alternative ways to heat their home.
The solutions in the market today are: petroleum, natural gas (where available), electric heating, gas, ion boilers, heat pump, air conditioners, pellet, wood. Each of these solutions has its advantages, but all alternatives cost more less than oil.
How can we calculate the energy costs of different heating modes?
Take for example a typical house of 100 sqm in Climate Zone C (Larissa, Ioannina, Trikala) with moderate insulation which will heat it for 10 hours a day for five months, ie 150 days. Taking into account the calorific value of the fuel, the efficiency of the heat source, the current prices and assuming that for every 10 sq.m. a required Kwh, totaling 100 Kwh per day, the following table is formed.

Quantity Price Unit Daily cost (euro) Annual cost (euro) Equipment
Oil 10,6 lt 1,40 14,8 2220 -0-
Gas 15,2 lt 0,89 13,46 2019
Natural Gas -20% 11,85 1777 3000 €
Electricity 100 Kwh 0,18 18 2700 300 €
Ion Boiler 50 Kwh 0,18 9 1350 2-3000 €
Heat Pump 35 Kwh 0,18 6,3 945 6-8000 €
Conditioners (4) inverter 50 Kwh 0,18 9 1350 3500 €
Pellet Stove 21 Kgr 0,33 6,93 1039 1200-1500 €
Stove wood (stoves) 26,5 Kgr 0,15 3,93 589 850-1200 €

From these figures, it seems that the most inexpensive heating solution is the wood stove economy 75% and at a relatively low investment cost. But consumers should be aware that heating with wood stove is not made with traditional stoves, the heat radiation, but with modern energy Heater stoves transmitted HEAT THROUGH THE OPENING OF AIR fan. The main body of the stove is surrounded by a kind of external casing, which is usually made of metal sheets. The fan creates an air stream in the space between the body of the stove and the outer housing. In this way, a lot of heat (to 85%) that produces a wood stove is transferred to a hot air space rather than direct radiation.

What kind of house but one can enjoy the economical heating and the warmth of the flame at minimum cost? Lucky those who live in houses, inside or outside the city who live in a family and two-family houses have nothing to do with assemblies in order to make the Burma and those who live in an apartment where no waiting chimney fireplace. The remaining bound to choose one of the options table.